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CFAST 2.0 Memory Card

SanDisk Extreme Pro 256 GB Memory Card

Solidmate provides CFAST 2.0 Memory card hire in the UK, we are the original and leading Solid State Media rental company in the UK, offering memory card hire to save you time and money on your shoot. We have over 20 years in the broadcasting industry and use our knowledge and expertise to offer memory cards for hire.

CFAST Memory Card

We offer the CFAST 2.0 memory card and CFAST memory card reader. CFASTmemory cards are a variant of CompactFlash, known as CompactFast. The CFAST memory card supports higher transfer rates than current CompactFlash cards. There are a variety of high end professional devices that utilize the CFAST memory cards including the Arri Amira, Arri Alexa Mini, The Canon C700, the Blackmagic Ursa and video recording devices including the Atomos Ninja Star and Atomos Shogun Studio 4K.

CFAST Memory Card Reader

Solidmate offers CFAST 2.0 memory card hire along with the 128gb CFAST memory card for more space. Don't buy your memory cards, choose Solidmate for Solid State Media rentals in the UK. Solidmate has you covered with experience, expertise and amazing customer service. You can trust you are in good hands.


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