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Codex Drives

ARRI 1TB Codex Drive

If you are interested in Codex drives, you're in luck. Solidmate LTD offers Codex drives for hire at unbeatable prices, we can even deliver them if that is a better option. We have over 20 years of experience providing solid state media rentals to the broadcasting industry. Let us help you find the best deal on Codex drives.

Codex Compact Drive

Codex drives are created to meet the challenging necessities of creative professionals. Codex drives are backed by Codex world class support and make use of the latest PCIe-based flash to deliver unrivaled performance, perfect for professional applications such as major motion pictures and more.

Codex Driver

Codex Compact Drive Adapter

Solidmate is here to help you find the memory that you need and we provide the best prices available for the rental or purchase of a Codex drive. If you are looking for a specific Codex drive and don't know exactly which one will work, feel free to ask our knowledgeable customer service employees who are always ready to help you find the right codex drive for your project.

Codex Compact Drive Reader


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