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XQD Memory Card

Sony XQD 256 GB Memory Card

Solidmate is the original and leading Solid State Media rental company in the UK. We have over 20 years in the broadcasting industry and provide our knowledge and expertise in the field of supplying camera memory to save people money and time when they are in need of memory for hire.

XQD Memory Card UK

We offer the XQD memory card and XQD memory card reader for hire. This is a memory card that is formatted primarily for high definition camcorders and high resolution cameras. The XQD memory card offers target read and write speeds from 1 Gbits/s to about 4 Gbits/s with storage capabilities beyond 2 TB.

Sony G Series XQD Memory Card

Solidmate offers the Sony G Series XQD memory card as well including the Sony XQD memory card G 128gb version. If you are in need of Solid State Media rentals for your upcoming shoot, or are just in need of an XQD memory card for hire, Solidmate has you covered.


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